Epson XP-6100

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Epson XP-6100 – Extremely effective and extremely slim, the Expression Premium XP-6100 wireless Small-in-One printer provides superior picture quality, with 5-colour inks for spectacular pictures up to 8″ x 10″. And, it is fast: publish 4″ x 6″ pictures in as fast as 15 seconds1, or documents at rates of 15.8 ISO ppm (black) and 11.3 ISO ppm (colour).

Epson XP-6100

Epson XP-6100
Epson XP-6100

Epson XP-6100 Review

Designed for practical, problem-free publishing, the XP-6100 features hands-free, voice-activated printing2 for a range of jobs, plus integrated USB and sd card slots3, a 2.4″ colour LCD, and dedicated picture/DVD trays. And, you can easily publish from your iPad®, iPhone®, Android™ tablet computer or smartphone4 – with or without a router.

The Epson Expression Premium XP-6100 is a good all-in-one inkjet printer meant for daily home use, whether it is for publishing your tax obligations, research projects, or pictures. It is equipped with a relatively basic scanner that can obtain most jobs done, but the lack of an automated document feeder makes scanning multi-page documents a little bit more challenging.

Although its cartridges’ bad yield outcomes in the regular substitute of the ink cartridges, black ink cartridges are fairly inexpensive, production this printer better for those that mainly publish in black. Colour publishing is prohibitively expensive if you publish a great deal because of the high cost of the colour cartridges.

It is not the fastest at publishing black or colour documents, but it is pretty good at publishing pictures, and the picture’s appearance alright. Its wide connection options consist of support for USB thumb owns and SD cards, and it is suitable with Epson’s outstanding mobile application.

The Epson Expression Premium XP-6100 is a good family printer. It is mainly produced publishing black and white documents, as the black ink cartridge is fairly inexpensive. However, it obtains very expensively to publish in colour, particularly if you publish pictures regularly.

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When it comes to the quality of the pictures, they appearance alright but a little bit grainy. It can publish straight from a USB thumb own or an SD card, and it supports publishing from mobile devices using AirPrint or Mopria.

Develop & Design Quality

The Epson Expression Premium XP-6100 has an average design. Paper jams are relatively easy to remove, as it just involves opening up a panel on the printer’s rear. The USB and SD card inputs lie on the front and are protected by the top and bottom front panels.

The display console does not need to be increased throughout publish jobs since there is enough clearance for the output tray; however, the output tray needs to be by hand pulled bent on start publishing.

The output tray is in addition to both paper trays, which means that you need to press the output tray first if you need to load more paper. The main paper tray’s capacity is small, as it can just hold an optimum of 100 sheets of paper. The printer needs to be transformed when changing the ink cartridges, and finally, the scanner’s cover does not prolong, making it harder to check thick documents.

Display Screen

The Epson XP-6100’s display console is alright. The screen gets on the small side but symbols are determined, and the food selections are easy to browse, albeit a little bit laggy. It is not a touchscreen, so navigating is done entirely with the bordering switches. Exposure readies whether you are standing or resting, and the whole front panel can turn upwards if needed.


The Epson XP-6100 has a bad cartridge system. Both the black and colour cartridges have reduced yield, meaning you would need to change them often. If you publish a great deal, the printer approves greater yield cartridges. If any one of the colour cartridges runs out throughout a publish job, the printer chooses to publish in black-only.

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The Epson XP-6100 has mediocre scanning features. It does not have an automated document feeder, which makes scanning multi-page documents a lot more lengthy. Also, the cover isn’t extendable for thicker documents or publications.


The Epson XP-6100’s cost-per-print is alright. Both black and colour cartridges need to be changed often because of their reduced yield. However, the black ink cartridge is significantly less expensive compared to the colour cartridges. So, while the cost of publishing in black remains fairly reduced, the cost of publishing in colour increases dramatically the more you publish.

Bear in mind that also, if you publish in black, most inkjet printers proceed using the colour cartridge for maintenance jobs, so you will most likely still need to change it eventually.

Publishing Speed

The Epson XP-6100 has good publishing speed. It takes a while to publish the first web page of a black-only document, and it does not obtain much faster for the remaining web pages. Publishing colour documents is slow, but it prices a little bit better for picture publishing than various other printers.

Colour Precision

The Epson XP-6100’s colour precision is good. Most shades are significantly different from the resource, so it isn’t suggested for any work requiring exact tinting. However, it should be fine to publish for individual use or include a little bit of colour in a file. If colour precision is important to you and you want a similarly-priced printer after that, inspect out the HP ENVY Profesional 6455 or the HP ENVY 6055e.

Picture Publishing Quality

The Epson XP-6100’s picture publishing quality is good. There is a great quantity of information, and the shades are well-defined. There is some graininess in certain picture locations, and there is also colour in the grayscale.

These outcomes are based upon the real physical picture, not the checked picture offered recommendation over, which may not be an agent of the printer’s picture publish quality.

If you publish pictures regularly and want a printer that prints higher-quality pictures, inspect the Canon PIXMA TS6320.


The Epson XP-6100 has great connection options; however, it does not have an ethernet port, and there is no Bluetooth support. The external storage space support consists of both USB thumb owns and SD cards.