Logitech G603 Mouse

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Logitech G603 Mouse – G603 is a next-generation video pc gaming computer mouse for a cordless globe. It features the new HERO sensing unit for unparalleled efficiency with up to 10x the battery effectiveness compared with previous generations.

It also consists of LIGHTSPEED technology which provides unparalleled cordless efficiency surpassing wired video pc gaming mice. G603 can connect to several devices and easily switch in between efficiency settings for an adjustable experience. Requirements: Windows 7 or later on, macOS 10.11 or later on, Android 3.2 or later on Chrome

Logitech G603 Mouse



HERO is an innovative new optical sensing unit designed by Logitech G to deliver class-leading efficiency and up to 10 times the power effectiveness (compared with previous-gen). HERO sensing unit provides extremely accurate and consistent efficiency with no smoothing, filtering system or velocity from 200 to 12,000 DPI.


Through end-to-end design and design, Logitech G developed a durable cordless service to refix the essential problems of latency, security, and connection. The outcome is LIGHTSPEED, a pro-grade cordless service that accomplishes wired-like efficiency.

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Quickly switch in between HI and LO settings with the flick of a button. In the HI setting, G603 provides top efficiency with a LIGHTSPEED 1ms record rate and up to 500 hrs of continuous video pc gaming. When not video pc gaming, switch to LO setting and prolong battery life. LO setting records at 8 ms for up to 18 months of use with 2 AA batteries.


G603 cordless video pc gaming computer mouse provides up to 500 hrs on 2 AA batteries—twice as long as our previous generation. Despite a solitary battery, the G603 can last through up to 500 suits of Organization of Legends®. You can also choose which side to place a solitary battery with no impact on efficiency for custom harmonizing. When the battery goes to 15%, both the LED condition indicator and Logitech G HUB will inform you before the critical minute.


The G603 cordless video pc gaming computer mouse can be fully set up to suit your choices. G603 comes with 6 programmable switches consisting of on-the-fly DPI moving through up to 5 levels of sensitivity setups. Use G HUB to designate custom commands, set up macros (sequences of clicks and keystrokes to streamline in-game activities and quickly perform complex tasks); store set up accounts in the onboard memory and more.


Set the G603 video pc gaming computer mouse with the G613 cordless mechanical keyboard to obtain the complete cordless video pc gaming desktop computer service. G613 features advanced LIGHTSPEED cordless, Romer-G mechanical key switches, programmable G-keys, and more video pc gaming features.

Logitech G603 Mouse Detail

  • Next-gen HERO optical sensing unit for unparalleled efficiency and power effectiveness providing 500 hrs of continuous video pc gaming. AA batteries required
  • Advanced LIGHTSPEED cordless technology for super-fast 1 ms reaction time and much faster compared to wired efficiency
  • Connect to several devices using either LIGHTSPEED or Bluetooth and easily switch in between both with a press of a switch
  • Built for convenience with an ergonomically designed, lightweight, contoured body. Change weight by using a couple of batteries
  • 6 programmable switches and onboard memory to store your favourite setups. Works with PC, Mac, tablet computers with Android and iOS.