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Logitech G102 Mouse – Logitech G102 IC PRODIGY Gaming Mouse Optical 6,000DPI, 16.8M Color LED Customizing, 6 Buttons -International Version- Bulk Package.

Logitech G102 Mouse: software.


Logitech G102 Mouse


G102 reports 1,000 times per second, 8x faster than a standard mouse. This means that when the mouse is hovered or clicked, the on-screen responses appear almost instantaneously.


G102 is inspired by the classic design of the legendary Logitech G100S Gaming Mouse. Loved by gamers worldwide and a favorite of esports professionals, it’s a classic design we’ve re-engineered and optimized inside and out to be lightweight, durable, and comfortable.

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Optimize your full potential with a mouse that offers 200 to 8,000 DPI that delivers incredible accuracy, tracking speed, and consistency. You will get better control, regardless of your playing style.


Mechanical button fastening uses metal springs to help the left and right mouse buttons be ready to click, reducing the force required. Combined with separate left and right buttons, it improves consistency and delivers excellent click response and feel.


LIGHTSYNC technology provides next-generation RGB lighting that synchronizes lighting and game profiles with your content. Customize from a full spectrum of approximately 16.8 million colors and sync lighting effects and animations with other Logitech G devices. Customize everything quickly and easily with Logitech G HUB.


Logitech G102 can be used right out of the box or fully configured using G HUB. Advanced users can configure all 6 buttons to simplify in-game action.


Instant DPI switching lets you switch between two sensitivity settings with a single click, from a very accurate 250 DPI shot to a lightning-fast 2,500 DPI movement. Use G HUB to adjust the DPI settings to suit your playing style. Additionally, DPI rotation lets you choose from five DPI settings while gaming.


When you take the G102 with you, the special arrangements carry over. By saving your preferences on onboard memory using Logitech G HUB, you can use them on other PCs without needing to install software or reconfigure your settings.

Logitech G102 Mouse
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Highly Accurate Gaming Class Performance

Highly accurate controls will allow you to play to your full potential. Therefore, Logitech G102 Prodigy brought a new sensor designed in America and manufactured in Switzerland. The sensor has a DPI from 200 to 6000 (DPI settings can be done via Logitech Gaming Software), which will provide accuracy, tracking speed, and consistency unmatched.

Match for better control, regardless of your playing style. Not only that but also equipped with a report rate of 1000 Hz, the G102 Prodigy has a response speed of eight times faster than a standard mouse. In other words, for all commands via the mouse, whether you move it or press a button, you will get speedy in-game responses.

Classic Design and Comfortable to Use.

The shape of the G102 Prodigy is inspired by the classic mouse design that has a simple construction, the Logitech G100S. This mouse is the favorite mouse of gamers worldwide and is also a favorite mouse of professional eSports athletes.

Its familiar design has been reshaped and optimized from the inside out for functionality, durability, and comfort for everyday use. As a complement, this mouse is designed with Advanced Button Tensioning, which keeps each button prime to press, minimizes the force required to press, and provides excellent feedback, response, and consistency.

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